Automation Machine & Parts

Produce-Installation Automation systems Improve of Automation machine integrated. Produce mechanical parts, Precision Part,Jigs & Fixture on demand. Distribute and provide Automation parts.

About us

" We focus in developing and managing the technologies for factory automation applications and transforming to the highest quality products and services to customer with the highest level of customer and our company mutual success "

Man-in Automation Ltd. is established in year 2002 by Mr. Songwut Man-in. The primary intention is to build up the company to be the leader in providing the factory automation solution and service which is scarce in Thailand and be a portion in contributing the Automated manufacturing Technology for Thai industries.

Our engineering resources have expertise in the mechanical, robotics , control , machine vision , and software design and engineering that can support the required complicated application such as Hi-Speed Assembly Machine , Automated Inspection Machine, Robotics Pick and Place Machine and Automated Testing Machine.

Business :

  1. Provide World class components for Factory Automation.
  2. Provides the Automation machine and test equipment turnkey solution, Engineering development, and system manufacturing to the industry.
  3. Precision parts , jigs , and fixtures machining service.

Product Represent :

Our World class represent products separated for 3 categories are:

  1. Automation and Mechanical product as Helical, Huco, Gerwah, Ringfeder, Ecoloc and Berg.
  2. Measurement product as Honeywell, Sensotec, Solartron and Sensor instrument.
  3. Machine Vision product as Navitar and Coherent.

Machine Shop :

Our in-house machine shop is able to provide the rapid prototyping and precision machining parts supply for machine manufacturing demand. The quality of machining parts is assured by using the CMM measurement before delivery.

Project References :

  1. FOB Bonding Machine
  2. Power Leak Machine
  3. Pivot Install Controller
  4. ACF Attach Machine
  5. Conveyor Control
  6. Cut & Mark Machine
  7. High Check Machine
  8. Tolerance Ring Intallation Machine
  9. 20 CH.Over Independent Timer

Customer Reference :

  • Seagate Technology(Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
  • Western Digital(Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
  • Nidec Electronics(Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
  • Nidec Hi-tech Co.,Ltd.
  • Belton Industrial(Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
  • Compart Precision(Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
  • Stars Microelectronics Public Company Limited.
  • Etc.